Please put UCF into the College Football Playoff

The Golden Knights are still making their case. Why wouldn’t they?

But, I’m tired of hearing about it. When playing Cincinnati is somehow the win you hang your hat on to enter the Top 10 of College Football and demand respect, I’m like…”Okay, sure. Par for the course!”

Cupcake Parties

Yes, I get it. They’re undefeated. But, who have they played? Memphis? Nevermind the probable reality that they’d be .500 or lower in the SEC.

According to, Central Florida’s strength of schedule jumped from 80th to 72nd after beating a Top 25 Bearcats squad. Meanwhile, SEC teams (including Alabama, Georgia, and LSU sit in the top six positions for SOS).

After the spectacle Knights Nation put on this past spring, I was hoping one of these patsies would somehow pull an upset. But, that hasn’t happened. I think what really continues to irk me about this is that if Auburn hadn’t pouted their way to their way to the Peach Bowl we wouldn’t have had to endure these antics.

And they continue. The Wikipedia wars about their claim of a national title, what the NCAA now says is a title in college football, and so on. It’s quite a mess. Heck, just this past week the Orlando media fanned the flames even more while the Alabama media pointed to Vegas odds as the comeback to, “We want Bama!”

Don’t even get me started on the NCAA. They are cowards in all of this. Although, they did release a listing of national champions that had no mention of the Knights. Yet, the speculation still stirs in the sensationalist media.

The Committee Holds the Pacifier

Is the CFP Committee tired of it? I hope they are.

UCF should win next week over their rival South Florida (7-4) which would put them into the American Athletic Conference title game against either Houston or Memphis. The odds are certainly in their favor to win these next next two games and go undefeated. Will it be enough to sway the committee to give them a shot?

I want to see how they’d do against a Top 4 team. It might be much better than a lot of folks think. I’m fine with that. Heck, I’m even fine with a matchup against Bama. Let the winner be the winner. But, to keep letting these folks attempt to win the national championship via a PR campaign is disrespectful to the game that’s been a favorite of our country for well over a century.

The toddler of FBS football has been throwing a tantrum for so long that at some point you have to appease it to shut it up. Sure, it will mean leaving a more deserving team out. But, that’s where we are at this point.

I hope the Playoff Committee will fix what the NCAA seems too scared to tackle.


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