Andy W. Davis has been a sportswriter for over two decades while mainly following college football (all divisions) and the NFL. Andy pulls for his alma mater, North Alabama Lions, along with the Alabama Crimson Tide and New England Patriots. How can you not hate him?

Lead Writer

Jonathan Essaff is a writer that has always loved sports. He is a former high school football player who used to get pancaked so much by New England Patriots RG Shaq Mason that he decided to get a job at IHOP. Jonathan graduated from Middle Tennessee State University with a History degree. He has been a lifelong fan of the Tennessee Vols as well as the Titans, and against his own will, the Patriots since 2014.


Andrew Davis is a film student and screenwriter. He’s a big-time football fan and former player along with coaching and refereeing youth football. Andrew is a Georgia Bulldogs and Atlanta Falcons fan and has always stuck with his team no matter how bad the Falcons were in 2007.

Jake Downey is a former Texas Tech student and central Texas native that has been a long time fan of the Dallas Cowboys, Cleveland Browns (kinda weird but he likes underdog stories), Texas A&M and Texas Rangers. He enjoys analyzing film for players. He has been known for his team of pet cats and enjoys trying to find the diamonds in undrafted free agency.

Adam Hartwig is a film student at Georgia State University and a die-hard sports fanatic. He’s been a huge New York Jets fan for as long as he could watch football and cheers for his home college team, UGA. Just like his teams, he sees success in sight.

Austin Kohler is a firefighter in Atlanta, Georgia. He worked for Georgia Southern University’s football team for 3 years. He has been a lifelong UGA and Atlanta Falcons fan with “there’s always next year” tattooed on his left thigh. So go easy on him in the comments, please. When he isn’t working or writing, he can usually be found on Twitter ranting about how much he hates the wildcat and bubble screens.

James Sanders is a husband and father of two young beautiful girls. His entire family loves sports being die-hard Raiders, Giants, and Warriors fan. #BayAreaLove.  He’s a super fan and feels sports writing is the perfect opportunity to share his knowledge and passion while learning more about the games he loves. He enjoys being the token Left Coaster on the site.

Shannon Seal is a college football writer and UF alum that has been a Florida fan since he was old enough to walk and talk. With his knowledge and expertise of the college football world, Shannon covers everything college football from the SEC and all around the country.

Joshua Taylor is a journalism student and high school football coach. He’s a Defensive Coordinator. So, if he’s spending extra time praising the defense. That’s why. He’s cheered for Alabama his whole life although he’s a middle Tennessee native (so yeah, he’s one of those). He swears his allegiance to the Oakland Raiders in the pros. Follow him on Twitter where he is always being highly opinionated and typically ridiculous.


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